Young Artists @ Artist Wall

Have you ever imagined yourself painting on the big walls in a shopping mall? At Terminal M, we have four young artists turning those dreams into reality.

Terminal M Shopping Center opened on February 25, and we have four young artists who have been creating their own wall art murals on the Artist Wall at the second floor of Terminal M since opening day.

The Terminal M Artist Wall spans a total length of 159.8 feet and a height of 10 feet. The artists are free to show off their creativity and create whatever they want within this space.

The 4 artists won a lottery and were allocated equal parts of the wall: Wall 1 – Min Thu, Wall 2 – Kee Kee, Wall 3 – Ngone Pu @ Min Hein Kyaw, Wall 4 – Zune May. You will be able to vote for your favourite creation starting from February 28.

Come see the spectacular talent in the form of doodle art and wall murals for yourself. You can also enjoy a leisure cup of coffee outdoors while you enjoy the creativity of our young talents.

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