Doodle Art @ Artist Wall

We are very pleased to have received so many applications from young artists who want to show off their creativity at the Artist Wall on the second floor of Terminal M. Even though we would have liked to extend the opportunity to as many artists as possible, we were only able to select four young artists with the existing wall space.

This was a difficult decision to make, as we received so many amazing portfolios spanning a myriad of styles from a multitude of talented artists. Please do not be discouraged if you were not selected to participate this time. We will have many more similar events for young artists at Terminal M in the future, so please stay tuned.

Here are the four young artists who have been selected to showcase their talent at the Artist Wall. They will stand a chance to win a special prize of 10 lakh kyats.

  1. Min Thu
  2. Kee Kee
  3. Ngone Pu @ Min Hein Kyaw
  4. Zune May

The abovementioned will be contacted directly by Terminal M to discuss the details. Please look forward to the amazing creations that we are sure they will bring to us at Terminal M’s Artist Wall. Further details will be announced soon for those who wish to experience it in person.

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